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CUUPS, Inc. Finances

CUUPS, Inc. is an incorporated non-profit organization which operates independently from the UUA and has never received any funding from it. Our revenue comes primarily from membership and chapter dues, donations, merchandise sales at the annual UUA General Assembly, and registration fees at our Convocations.

CUUPS Financial Statements

The CUUPS Board of Trustees regularly receives reports from our Treasurer on our current status.
Every year we must renew our Independent Affiliate status with the UUA. Part of that process involves filing a financial report with the UUA for the past year's activities.

All of the information in these reports have been compiled by volunteers who have done their best to ensure their accuracy. However, these figures should not be considered audited.

CUUPS Endowment

Back around 2000, $300 was donated and designated towards starting a CUUPS Endowment. Then, it was promptly forgotten about as the board dealt with more pressing immediate matters. Now that we're getting back on our feet, it's time to take a look at the need for a CUUPS Endowment and, if needed, what we can do to best support it's growth.