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History of CUUPS

This section explores the "behind the scenes" workings of CUUPS, an incorporated non-profit organization. Be sure and visit our Board of Trustees, and if you'd like, drop them an email. These are the decision makers of CUUPS, but they are only part of the larger body of CUUPS members who make us what we are.

The work of any organization rests with its committees and their specific tasks. In the section on Committees you will find information about the various committees that exist in the CUUPS structure.

CUUPS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, incorporated in the State of Ohio in 1997. Our incorporation in Ohio came about as a result of the Ohio Corporate Code's ability to allow the levels of member privacy our organization required. Our 501(c)3 non-profit status gives us the ability to take tax-exempt donations as well as remain free from federal taxation ourselves. We are governed by the Regulations of CUUPS, ('Regulations' is the Ohio State designation for organizational by-laws), which were adopted by our organization and ratified by our membership in 1998. Since then, they've only been amended once, in 2009, to allow our members to vote online for our Board of Trustee elections.

CUUPS Financials contains information about the CUUPS budget, past financial statements, as well as how to get involved in helping to establish a CUUPS Endowment.

Revisioning Report was given by the then-President of CUUPS, Mary Gelfand, at the Annual Meeting in 2004. It was on ideas put forth by the Board and the Membership, as well as her own personal vision, of the ways in which CUUPS Inc. could and should adapt and update its practices and philosophies to be in harmony with trends in the UUA and in modern Paganism.

In line with the idea, as mentioned in the Seven Principles of the UUA, of supporting the "free and independent search for truth and meaning," the Board of CUUPS Inc. from time to time chooses to speak in an organizational capacity on issues of the greater good.