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Chants and Music

Where can I find this music?

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Chants and Songs

Chants for Celebrating the Earth
CUUPS Exclusive! A chant workshop with author, witch and NPR reporter, Margot Adler. Over 40 different chants recorded live - CUUPS' most requested recording! Recorded at CUUPS Convocation II, 1991, The Mountain, Highlands, NC. (Cassette tape; lyric sheet included). Contact if you wish to purchase.

Chants for the Queen of Heaven
Nancy Vedder-Shults and friends
This is the companion tape to the UUWF curriculum. Nancy is a longtime UU and Women's Studies scholar, as well as a composer and a performer.
Available online from Ladyslipper

Singing the Promise
CUUPS Exclusive! Singing the Promise was a CUUPS benefit concert held during the 1998 UUA General Assembly at First Universalist Church in Rochester, NY. Funds from this event help CUUPS fund future programming and curriculum development. Musicians include Khrysso, Carole Eagleheart, Rev. John Gilmore, Rev. Mary Grigolia and Nancy Vedder-Schults. Recorded June 1998. Approx. 57 minutes.

A Circle is Cast
Libana is an a cappella women's choir. Beautiful voices on chants, rounds and songs.
(also available: Song book)

Circle of Song
Kate Marks
. . . a must, of course. (Also available: song book, book with CD, audio cassette

Circle Round and Sing:Songs for Family Celebrations in the Goddess Traditions
Anne Hill
A companion CD for Reclaiming Collective's book, Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions

Spirit Nation

All original songs in a rock mode by a Witch from Salem, MA.

Fire Dance!
Songs and chants by a New England Pagan choir. Available online from Ladyslipper

We Are Light
Live '05
Drum Circle
Live @ PSG 2009
Roll of Thunder
Turning of the Year

Spiral Rhythm
Unique sound complete with deep, multi-textured chants and explosive drums.

Celia is a singer, songwriter, actress, and storyteller who dishes up the most delicious concoction of the silly and the sacred. Think Enya meets Tori Amos meets Gilda Radner.

Coyote Run
Celtic Folk roots, evolving into one of the hottest bands on the Celtic Rock circuit today. Traditional tunes with rich, literate lyrics, compelling melodies and rock, jazz and flamenco instrumental hooks, this band weaves a tapestry unlike any other out there.

Finding the Balance
The Healing Art
Mother Wisdom: Original and Traditional Chants
A mixture of songs and chants suitable for ritual. Strong voices and good percussion.

Ancient Mother
Robert Gass & On Wings Of Song
Extended chant; rich choral voices.

The Book Of Secrets
The Mask And Mirror
Parallel Dreams
To Drive The Cold Winter Away
The Visit
A Winter Garden
Loreena McKennitt
Anything at all by Loreena McKennitt (esp. The Visit).

Burning Times
Rumors of the Big Wave

Canticles of Light: New Ritual Music
Charlie Murphy & Jami Sieber
Wonderful extended chants.

Chants: Ritual Music
Reclaiming Community
A collection of chants and rounds from Starhawk and other members of Reclaiming Community.

Fire Within
Libana is an a cappella women's choir. Beautiful voices on chants, rounds and songs.

From The Goddess/O Great Spirit
Robert Gass & On Wings Of Song
Extended chant; rich chorale voices.

Gaia, Earth Goddess - Ritual Dances
Kali Ma - Dances of Transformation
Return to the Goddess - Chants & Song
Desert Wind
The artists call what they do "New Age Tribal Fusion." Whatever - it's got a great beat and you can dance to it.

Let it Begin Now: Music from the Spiral Dance
Starhawk and Reclaiming & Friends

Pick the Apple from the Tree
Francesca De Grandis
A fun mix of songs and chants from the author of Be a Goddess!

Second Chants: More Ritual Music from Reclaiming & Friends
Reclaiming & Friends
"These songs and chants were dreamed up, written for, and based on our work in rituals, workshops, summer intensives (witch camps), and classes."

Songs of the Wheel
Ian Corrigan and Moira Kyteler
Modern and traditional seasonal songs of the Old Religion, recorded live in concert.

A classic. Donovan's voice is as listenable as it was thirty-odd years ago on this collection of spiritual and atmospheric songs.

This Winter's Night
The story of Winter Solstice in song and spoken word.

Welcome to Annwfn
Rick Hamouris and Friends
A well-sung, cleanly arranged collection of chants and songs.


Still Point
Zone Unknown

Gabriel Roth and the Mirrors
Rhythmic, sophisticated instrumentals from a modern Shaman of dance and percussion. Wonderful listening on their own; superb accompaniment to trance dancing or other moving meditations.

Instrumental Sounds

Ancient Realms
Jennifer Pratt-Walter
Beautiful and soothing Celtic Harp, perfect for meditation, massage, or relaxation, from a Washington State UU musician.