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Sacred Cosmos 1

Printed in 2000, and mailed to all Unitarian Universersalist ministers by a generous grant from the Fund for Unitarian Universalism. Editors for this issue were: Mary Ann Clark, Chas S. Clifton, Elizabeth Fisher and Michael York. This issue is currently out of print.

Contents Issue I:

  • Bring the Spring Springtide: Customs of Old Poland (Denice Szafran Liscomb “Okana”)
  • Earth-centered Spirituality: Source for a Living Tradition (Elizabeth Fisher)
  • Embedded In the Eternal (Rev. Donna Morrison-Reed)
  • Goddess Astronomy: Myth, Ritual, and the Seasons in the Starry Skies (Lynn Mayhew, Ph.D.)
  • Iolo Morganwg: A Portrait in Shades of Gray (David O. Pollard, IV)
  • It is in the Practice, that Humankind will move forward? (Gwendolyn Gary)
  • Nature Religion and the Modern World: The Returning Relevance of Pagan Spirituality (Gus diZerega, Ph.D.)
  • Pagan History: A mixture of myth, legend, and a few facts (Merlyn, Ph.D.)
  • Pagans Among Us (R. Tom “Walking Stick” Dixon III)
  • This Shall Not Be! (Robin and Summer Woodsong)
  • Yes, I am a Humanist, Pagan, Christian UU! (Robert M. Eddy, M.Div.)

Sacred Cosmos 2

Published as a pdf document in the Fall of 2003. Editors for this issue were: Mary Ann Clark, Gus DiZerega, Thandeka, Joan VanBecelaere and Oberon Zell-Ravenheart. Sacred Cosmos 2 is still available as a pdf download here.

Contents Issue II:

  • In Praise of Darkness (Louise Bunn)
  • Sacred Feasts (York Dobyns)
  • Once Upon A Time in Mesopotamia (York Dobyns)
  • Pagan Ethics: The Law, The Epiphany, and The Web (Marion Mason, PhD.)
  • Naturalistic Polytheism and Our Patron Goddess (Tom Tadfor Little)
  • Believing in Magic (Merlyn)
  • Awareness Is Half of Prevention (Crow Swimsaway, PhD.)
  • Brigid: Pagan Goddess or Christian Saint (Theadora Davitt-Cornyn, Jo Gerrard, and Rowan Alexander)