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"Spiritual teachings of Earth-centered traditions which
celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct  us to
live in harmony with the rhythms of nature."

The Sixth Source of Affirmation
of the Unitarian Universalist Association

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Podcasts & Videos


Starting in January 2010 CUUPS began producing monthly Podcasts.

These are approxminately 45 minute long audio programs which bring together recorded material from a variety of sources. 

(Note: the Podcast link takes you offsite to where they are hosted.)

CUUPS Audio & Recordings

CUUPS produced a wide variety of recorded lectures and presentations from it's programs at General Assembly and it's Convocation starting in 1988 and continuing until around 2000. These were available on cassette tape only. Unfortunately, we do not presently have access to most of these recordings and as cassettes don't age well - they are difficult to find in working order.

If *you* have some of these recordings in working order please contact, as we'd like to transfer these into mp3 format so that they can be made available thru this website.
CUUPS produced a chant cassette in 1991 at a Convocation workshop led by Margot Adler. While the song quality is not great, it is enough to give you an idea of what the tune and words are. We hope to have some of the chants online soon as mp3s.

In 1998, CUUPS produced a music CD called Singing the Promise which was a recorded concert from the General Assembly in Rochester NY. Unfortunately, it is currently out of print. a few songs from it have been used in the new CUUPS Podcast (see below),

Do you have past CUUPS recordings?

Starting in 1987, CUUPS recorded most of it's major speakers and events and the UUA General Assemblies and during the 1990's, it's Convocations. These were recorded onto cassette tape, which as you know doesn't last forever. Sadly, the CUUPS office does not have access to most of these recordings at this time. What we would like to do over the coming few years is to find copies of our old programs that are still playable and to get them into digital format (.mp3) so that they can be distributed to our members, used in our Podcast and in general preserved for posterity.

If you have some of these old recordings, if you have the capability to transfer them to mp3 - please do so and send us a copy, or you can mail your tape to the CUUPS Office (CUUPS, 479 W. Harwood Rd., Hurst, TX 76054-2943) and we'll transfer it for you and mail your tape back to you.

There are two notable exceptions to all these "missing" audio files. At the 1999 General Assembly, the UUA recorded two CUUPS workshops and have them on the web: 

  • 1999 - CUUPS Keynote Address: Earth Ethics by Thandeka
  • 1999 - General Assembly Panel Discussion: Paganism and HumanismCan This Marriage Be Saved? Panelists: Rev. Kendyl Gibbons, Rev. Patrick Price, Rev. Stefan Jonasson, Rev. Joan VanBecelaere


The Burning Times
Goddess Remembered Circle
Donna Read, Canadian Film Board

The Celts (Three tape set)

The Hero's Journey
Joseph Campbell

Mythos, Vol. 1 (Set of Five Tapes)
Mythos, Vol. 2 (Set of Five Tapes)
Joseph Campbell, Susan Sarandon

The Occult Experience 
Interviews with the Farrars, Alex Sanders, Starhawk and dozens more across the globe.

The Power of Myth - Vols. 1-6
Joseph Campbell, Bill Moyers

Rhythmic Wisdom 
Layne Redmond

A European film a 13th century Dominican heretic hunter and a beautiful village herbalist. Beautiful film. 

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