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Winter Solstice

Image from Dreamstime

Held between December 20-22

Also known as Hibernate Solstice, Jul, Yule, Alban Arthan, Yalda, Saturnalia

This season comes from the germanic term meaning "the time of Water," according the the website Britannica. The time period is associated with the facts that it is the time of rains and snows. The Northern Hemisphere celebrates this time of year-round December 20-22, while the Southern Hemisphere honors it between June 20-22.
It is the time of year when the earth tilts far away from the Sun, and daylight is less than the rest of the year making for shorter days. The earth feels asleep and resting. The growing season is complete. Mammals are generally hibernating and life is still. On Winter Solstice daylight is the shortest. In a moment the earth begins its journey tilting back towards the sun and starts to increase daylight again.

For many indigenous and tribal cultures it is a time to reflect on life and what the lessons of the dark time of year brings us, as well as, a celebration of the sun's growing light returning to the earth. 

Below are some resources on how to celebrate Winter Solstice. The wonderful thing about the traditions of this holiday is one can look at it from a scientific, spiritual, humanist, or religious point view. These sites bring many perspectives on the various holiday and holy day celebrations attached to this day and activities that are just plain fin to do as we enter Winter. Enjoy the sites we are sharing!

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Native American & Indigenous Winter Traditions

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Winter Solstice Festivals Around the World • Celebrations of Gratitude!

Chants for Winter Solstice

Winter Traditions Mistakenly Credited to Christianity

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